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THINK ABOUT IT MY FRIENDS!!!  Something We All Must Do!  As a minister of the living God, We all must recognize “Racism” for what it is, a sickness we alone cannot cure. only God. Because it is a inner sickness of the human heart: ” Sin-sickness.” For all of the different people, ethnicities, and religions; the sad truth exists that there are many people who hate blindly.  Even many of those who give a “sworn oath” to serve, and protect us, are now of those who are killing US.  If you are the victim of a racist or otherwise hateful act, do not blame yourself for someone else’s tragic “sickness.”  Think instead of what historian “Pierre Berton” said of Racism.  Quote: Racism is a refuge for the ignorant,end quote: My Friends, racism seeks to divide, and also to destroy.  It is the enemy of freedom, freedom to be  the person whom the almighty God created you to be without fear. And it deserves to be met head-on and stamped out.  Start today, by counteracting the racism or prejudices, and hateful acts of bigotry you have witness yourself. By chosing to become a spokesperson for peace, tolerance, and above all ” agape love.” You can make a difference. Jesus said, in John 13:35: By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another. To you my friends, our Christlike love will show to the world, we are His disciples. Racism, bigotry, and hate, is not a skin problem, but a SIN problem. It is the sad, and unchanged condition of a person or persons heart. One day in the future of this generation, God will remove injustice, and it’s offenders forever. Micah warned against those who use their position to take advantage of others, like those who sworn with an oath, to serve, and protect. Also, the racist, and those who with bigotry ( Micah 2:1-5). I fear no man: I love everyone, and I will stand, even if I have to stand alone, for what is right in the eyesight of God, and His Holy Word. There Are No Racist In Heaven. THINK ABOUT IT MY FRIENDS, THINK ABOUT IT……………………….

Brother Wallace Jackson Sr

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