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(Matthew 24:27, 42, 43-44). Ready Or Not, He’s Coming! Are You Ready? The mockery of our day and time concerning the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, may have caused many to abandon the glorious hope of The Church’s Deliverance (2peter 3:3-8). Therefore, our duty as born-again individuals is to let this fact be known that it is evident scripturally that Jesus Is Coming Back. My friends, the Lord is not slack concerning his promise to return, as some men or women count slackness, but He is patient towards us, not willing that any should perish, but He is allowing more peolpe to repent and Turn To Him while there’s still time (T. T. H. 2 Peter 3:9-10). My friends, God get’s no pleasure in seeing an unsaved man or woman die, and be separated from Him forever. But that they turn from there way to Him, and be saved. He assures them of forgiveness (Ezekiel 33:11). In more than three hundred passages in the New Testament alone, Christ’s Coming is presented as an event of the deepest significance to humanity and the universe alike, and one absolutely certain to come to pass as the goal of the age. Therefore my friends, whatever ignorance or confusion that may exist concerning The Return Of Christ, is not due to the lack of revelation, but to the fact that so Few people make intelligent efforts to inform themselves on the subject. Think about it my friends, from my book, “IT’S A FACT! JESUS IS COMING BACK”… ARE YOU READY? THINK ABOUT IT.

-Brother Wallace Jackson

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