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My friends, choosing to live a life apart from God is making a commitment to sin. Sin leads to judgment and death. God alone shows us the way to eternal peace. His discipline often keeps us on the right path. Micah warned against those who use their position to take advantage of others (Micah 2:1-2).
Less than a century earlier, king Ahab of Isarel had pouted because he couldn’t get Naboth’s vineyard. So his wife, Jezebel, had Naboth killed in order to give the garden to Ahab (1 King 21:1-16). This kind of immorality had spread throughout Judah and, like a disease, was destroying the nation from the inside out. Many today are victims of unethical attempts to take what little they have and give it to those who are more powerful. Some of these actions May be legally permissible, but they are not morally acceptable to God. Being legal doesn’t necessarily mean being right. Micah spoke out as he should have against those who planned evil deeds at night and rose at dawn to do them.
A person’s thoughts reflect his character. What do you Think about my friends, as you lie down to sleep? Do your desires involve greed or stepping on others to achieve your goals? Evil thoughts always lead to evil deeds. Those who have been oppressing others will find the tables turned. Think about it. They will end up not having any share in the decisions to divide the blessings of God, because they won’t have any surviving relatives (Micah 2:5). If these messages seem harsh, remember God did not want to take revenge on his people Israel; he wanted to get them back on the right path. The people had rejected what was true and right, and they needed stern dicipline as people do today. Children May think discipline is harsh, but it helps keep them on the right path. If we only want God’s comforting messages, we may miss what He has for us. Listen whenever God speaks, even when the message is hard to take (Micah 2:6-7). The people liked the false prophets like they do today, who told them only what they wanted to hear. Micah spoke against prophets who encouraged the people to feel comfortable in their sin. Preachers are popular when they don’t ask too much of us, when they tell us our greed or lust might even be good for us. But a true preacher of God speaks the truth, regardless of what the listeners want to hear (Micah 2:11). You Shall Know The Truth, And The Truth Shall Make You Free! (John 8:32) Think about it my friends, Think about it.

-Brother Wallace Jackson

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